It’s no secret that baking has been in our family for generations. Started as a kitchen business in 1956 by May Graham (Granny, to us!), the alchemy and technique of producing gorgeous cake and biscuits has been passed down over the years to all members of the Graham family.

We are passionate about it, and want to share this love of creating the homemade, as well as a little about the people behind it, through our newly launched website.

We hope that you’ll check in regularly to hear what we’ve been up to, get ideas for your own homemade creations, and get to know us all a little better.

We like the buttery notes and found them sweet but felt the sweetness had been well balanced by the butter and oat flavours. A very satisfying biscuit.

We wanted to eat the whole plate - super.
— The Great Taste Award judges


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Irish Oat Cookies

With these oat biscuits, the oat flavour comes through very well at the start of the eat, with its signature, distinct texture. The mouth feel then finishes with a superb buttery taste and lovely crumbly texture which adds a richness to the experience.

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Coffee and Oatmeal bites

"Attractive little product and the oat flavour comes through very well. Good texture"